Precision Aluminum Stamping

Tenral chooses the aluminum grade that suits you, and manufactures aluminum stamping parts that exceed your expectation.

Among metal varieties, it is second only to steel and is the second largest category of metals. Aluminum has special chemical and physical properties, not only light weight, strong texture, but also has good ductility, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, heat resistance and nuclear radiation resistance.

Aluminum stamping parts are used in various industries, such as automotive industry, lighting industry, marine industry, furniture industry, electrical industry, construction industry, etc.

The 1000 series is the series with the most aluminum content among all series. The purity can reach more than 99.00%. Because it does not contain other technical elements, the production process is relatively simple and the price is relatively cheap. It is currently the most commonly used series in conventional industries. Most of the products circulating in the market are 1050 and 1060 series.

The 2000 series aluminum is characterized by high hardness, among which the copper content is the highest, about 3-5%. The 2000 series aluminum plates are aviation aluminum materials and are not often used in conventional industries.

The 3000 series aluminum can also be called anti-rust aluminum. It is made of manganese as the main component and the content is between 1.0-1.5%. It is a series with better anti-rust function.

The 4000 series aluminum plates belong to the series with higher silicon content. Usually the silicon content is between 4.5-6.0%. It belongs to construction materials, mechanical parts, forging materials, welding materials; low melting point, good corrosion resistance. Product description : It has the characteristics of heat resistance and wear resistance.

The 5000 series aluminum plate belongs to the more commonly used alloy aluminum plate series, the main element is magnesium, and the magnesium content is between 3-5%. It can also be called aluminum-magnesium alloy. The main features are low density, high tensile strength and high elongation. In the same area, the weight of aluminum-magnesium alloy is lower than other series. Therefore, it is commonly used in aviation, such as aircraft fuel tanks. It is also widely used in conventional industries.

The 6000 series aluminum sheet: stands for 6061. It mainly contains two elements: magnesium and silicon. 6061 is a cold-treated aluminum forged product, suitable for applications with high requirements for corrosion resistance and oxidation. Good workability, excellent interface characteristics, easy coating, and good processability.

The 7000 series aluminum plate belongs to the aviation series. It is an aluminum-magnesium-zinc-copper alloy and a heat-treatable alloy. It is a super hard aluminum alloy with good wear resistance.

The 8000 series is an aluminum plate whose main function is to make bottle caps. It is also used in radiators, most of which are aluminum foil.