Automotive industry

Automotive Sheet Metal Stamping Company

Tenral has been supplying precision and complex auto stamping parts to auto parts manufacturers. From simple brackets to complex parts, you can find the best solution in our company. We understand the strict tolerances required by the automotive industry and are committed to providing reliable metal stamping parts for various automotive systems.

Automobiles Stamping

In the automotive industry, accurate sheet metal stamping parts are essential to ensure the quality of finished products, because most parts in automobiles are stamped parts.

Car Parts Manufacturer

As a leading auto parts manufacturer, we have purchased more advanced manufacturing equipment and are committed to providing customers with the highest quality metal manufacturing services.

Performance Parts:

  • Exhaust 
  • Cooling 
  • Suspension 
  • Intake 
  • Engine 
  • Fuel 

External Parts:

  • Grille Guard
  • Traction
  • Off – Road Lighting 
  • Roof Rack
  • Wheel