Best 5 Metal Stamping Manufacturers in China

Best 5 Metal Stamping Manufacturers in China

If you are interested in sourcing metal stamping products from a Chinese manufacturer, you need to know that it is important to know the multiple aspects involved in sourcing stamped metal products from China, regardless of whether you are new to China sourcing or Amazon selling. As part of this analysis, it will be necessary to understand the fundamentals of the design and manufacturing process, the tools and technology used, as well as finding the right manufacturer in China, which is possible after negotiating a good price with the supplier and making sure they understand your technical specifications.

In spite of the fact that this sounds complex, sourcing stamped products from China can be seamless and easy if you work with a China sourcing agent that specializes in this type of manufacturing process.

What is metal stamping?

As the name implies, the process involves the application of high amounts of pressure to flat metal sheets so that they can be turned into a specific shape. A complex manufacturing process such as punching, blanking, embossing, coining, flanging, piercing, and bending entails a number of steps and techniques. In order to make a large number of identical metal components, a high-speed and low-cost manufacturing process is used.

During the stamping process, the part can be shaped to the desired shape with the use of one single stroke of the stamping press, or it can involve a series of stages where progressive dies are used to gradually shape the component. Although it is generally done using sheet metal in the stamping process, there are other flat materials that can also be shaped using the stamping process.

With the help of dies and stamping presses, flat sheet metal can be turned into a desired part or component by using a process that is also known as ‘pressing’ or a cold-forming process. In the stamping press, sheet metal blanks are fed into a tool and die surface that creates the required shape from the blanks that are fed into the press.

In terms of metal forming, stamping refers to the process in which a manufacturer uses custom tooling and stamping techniques to produce parts that meet the specifications of their customers.

Several industries use this process in order to meet the demand of high volume production and to produce identical precision parts in large quantities.

Different Types of Metal Stamping Processes

There are several types of metal stamping processes as follows:

  • Blanking: A process of cutting a flat piece of sheet metal into a blank or part shape.
  • Piercing: A process of making holes in the sheet metal.
  • Coining: A process of creating features on the sheet metal like embosses, ribs or bumps by compressing the sheet metal between two dies.
  • Bending: A process of forming the sheet metal into a 90-degree angle or any other desired angle.
  • Flanging: A process of creating a curved edge on the sheet metal by bending it at an angle to the surface.
  • Drawing: A process of forming the sheet metal into a cup or bowl-shaped part by pulling it through a die.
  • Progressive Stamping: A process in which a strip of metal is fed through several stations, with a different operation performed at each station until the final product is produced. This process is commonly used for high volume runs.

There are also other specialized techniques within these categories, such as deep drawing, hydroforming, and transfer stamping which have specific applications and advantages depending on the specifics of a given project.

Best 5 Metal Stamping Manufacturers in China

1) Tenral


The company Tenral (precursor to PinCheng Hardware Products – founded in 2005) is a small metal stamping manufacturer, offering simple metal stamping parts at a reasonable price to domestic customers. The customer base of the company continues to expand as the company continues to grow. As a result, they made the big decision in 2010 to separate their company from Tenral and set up Tenral as a separate company. The mainland China business would be run by Pincheng, the international business would be run by Tenral, and the production division would remain unchanged. For expansion, they have acquired stakes in other manufacturing companies, including sheet metal fabrication and CNC machining. With more than a dozen manufacturing facilities covering more than 70,000 square feet and employing more than 80 people, they have continued to grow. Due to their internal tool shop, they are now able to produce complex precision stamping tools to meet the diverse needs of their customers.

2) Xiamen Mach Cnc Machining Master Co., Ltd.


Jason, the CEO of MACH, is a machinist and designer who began his machining career in 1995. Therefore, MACH has the expertise and knowledge to handle most problems in this field.

Aside from CNC machining, they manufacture plastic injection molds, stamp parts, and engraving and drilling machines. They also have lathes, mills, and line-cutters. They can perform repeat positioning within tolerances of 0.005mm with their machines and experienced employees, providing a solid guarantee of precision parts. Their products are manufactured in a way that exceeds the expectations of their customers, employees, suppliers, and communities. By adopting advanced production facilities, they continue to improve efficiency and ensure high and stable quality. The company’s goal is to provide reliable, viable, and affordable molds, CNC machining parts, and fast sample service to all industries.

3) Xiamen Qiangsheng Industry And Trade Co., Ltd.


Since 1988, Qiangsheng Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. (formerly Qiangsheng Industry & Trade company) has been providing high quality metal pressing parts. They are capable of designing and making lathe cutting tools as well as handling any order. Short delivery times, competitive prices.

Using different technologies (welding, riveting), they are able to assemble these components and then zinc plate them as the final surface treatment, following up with customer requests, whether it is simple flat cutting or precision metal pressing. In addition to electrophoresis, powder coatings, paintings, screens, etc.).

They export their products to North America, Europe, Oceania, and the Middle East, as well as to the building, plumbing, electrical, and electromechanical industries.

4) Qingdao Dmetal International Trade Co., Ltd.


Their products are widely used in the automobile brake system as well as other industries since they are manufactured using state-of-the-art testing facilities and a strong technical team. Additionally, their products are widely used in the automotive industry. A wide range of their products are available, are high quality, are reasonably priced, and have stylish designs. Users recognize and trust their products, and they can meet the constantly changing economic and social needs of users.

5) Shanxi Yunwei Industrial Co., Ltd.


They are an international supplier of castings, stamping parts, precision machining parts, and other industrial items. Maintaining the internal enterprise and monitoring product quality are our top priorities. In addition to designing, drawing, modifying, and producing, their highly qualified and experienced engineers ensure that all of the needs of our customers are met.

Due to their advanced technology, years of experience in fast and timely service, high quality products, and highly efficient management, they have gained a good reputation from their customers around the world.



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