Brass Stamping

With over 15 years of experience in brass stamping, TenraL understands its properties and customizes a wide range of brass parts for a wide range of customers.

We not only manufacture precision brass stamping parts, but also provide customized sheet metal fabrication services and precision machining services, for you to develop the best metal manufacturing solutions.

Characteristics of brass stamping parts

Our copper stamping parts are widely used in various fields to benefit from its characteristics:

  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Extension of ductility
  • Sustainability and recycling

Material class of brass stamping parts

Brass is divided into common brass and special brass:

  • Common brass: It is an alloy of the elements copper and zinc. When the zinc content is less than 35%, zinc is dissolved in copper to form single-phase α, called single-phase brass, plasticity is good, suitable for hot and cold pressure processing. When the zinc content is 36%~46%, there are α single phase and β solid solution based on copper zinc, called biphase brass, β phase makes the brass plastic decrease and tensile strength increase, only suitable for hot pressure processing. If the mass fraction of zinc continues to increase, the tensile strength will decrease and have no use value. Code names are denoted by “H + number”, H for brass, and number for the mass fraction of copper. For example, H68 indicates brass with 68% copper and 32% zinc content. For cast brass, a “Z” is added before the code, such as ZH62. For example, ZCuZnzn38 represents cast brass with 38% zinc content and a margin of copper. H90, H80 belong to single-phase brass, golden yellow. H59 is biphasic brass, widely used in electrical structures such as bolts, nuts, washers, springs, etc. In general, single-phase brass is used for cold deformation processing, while biphase brass is used for hot deformation processing.
  • Special brass: Common brass with other alloying elements made up of multiple alloys called special brass. Often added elements are lead, tin, aluminum, and so on, can be called lead brass, tin brass, aluminum brass. The purpose of adding alloying elements. It is mainly to improve the tensile strength and technology. Code name: “H + symbol of main plus element (except zinc) + mass fraction of copper + mass fraction of main plus element + mass fraction of other elements”.

As a manufacturer and supplier of metal stamping parts to ISO9001, TENRAL has been involved in customer projects from development to mass production. Reliable quality and professional team, is the best choice for customers.