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Processing technology of stainless steel surface

Stainless steel has excellent characteristics such as unique strength, high wear resistance, superior anti-corrosion performance and resistance to rust. Therefore, it is widely used in the industry, food machinery, electromechanical industry, household appliance industry and home decoration, finishing industry. The application and development prospects of stainless steel will become wider and wider, but the application and development of stainless steel is largely determined by the degree of development of its surface treatment technology. PVD process PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) Physical Vapor [...]

Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting The material to be cut is irradiated with a high-power density laser beam to quickly heat the material to vaporization temperature and evaporate to form a hole. As the beam moves on the material, the hole continuously forms a narrow slit to complete the cutting of the material. Principle: Laser cutting is to irradiate the workpiece with a focused high-power density laser beam to quickly melt, vaporize, ablate or reach the ignition point of the irradiated material. At the [...]

Leading metal stamping manufacturer

Leading metal stamping manufacturer Established in 2005, Tenral Metal Products company began to manufacture simple metal stamping parts. With reliable quality and professional technology, our service range has been expanding. Today, we have 3 production workshops equipped with nearly 100 types of production equipment, covering an area of more than 70,000 square feet, with nearly 100 employees, and we have an in-house tool workshop that specializes in the production of complex and precise stamping dies and welding fixtures. Bending tools, [...]

Do you really understand CNC machining?

CNC machining is the most widely used subtractive manufacturing technology. In CNC, various cutting tools are used to remove material from solid blocks, and parts are produced based on CAD models. Both metal and plastic can be processed by CNC. How does CNC machining work? There are two main types of CNC machining systems: milling and turning. Due to its unique characteristics, each type is more suitable for manufacturing different geometric shapes. This is the schematic diagram of milling. A typical [...]

Sheet metal processing technology

What are sheet metal parts? Sheet metal parts are parts produced by a comprehensive cold working process for metal sheets (usually less than 6mm), including shearing, punching/cutting/compounding, folding, welding, riveting, splicing, and forming. 1. Cutting The equipment of the cutting process is a shearing machine, which can cut a sheet of metal sheet into basic shapes. Advantages: low processing cost; Disadvantages: general accuracy, cutting with burrs, cutting shapes are simple rectangles or other simple straight lines Composition of graphics. The unfolded size [...]

Stamping characteristics of commonly used materials stainless steel

Due to its unique characteristics, stainless steel is not only beautiful in appearance, but also has strong plasticity and high corrosion resistance, which is deeply loved by users. The yield point is high, the hardness is high, and the cold work hardening effect is significant. However, it is prone to cracking. The thermal conductivity is worse than that of ordinary carbon steel, resulting in large deformation force, large blanking force and deep drawing force. The plastic deformation force is large when it [...]

Selection of automotive stamping die materials

Due to the different functions of various parts in the mold, the requirements for the materials and the principles of selection are also different. Therefore, reasonable selection of mold materials is also an important task in die design, which has a great impact on the cost and production quality of the mold. Generally speaking, automotive stamping die materials need to meet the following conditions: For automobile stamping dies with simple shapes and small sizes, the use of commonly used carbon tool [...]

Sheet metal materials and sheet metal processing experience

Definition of sheet metal: cold working of sheet metal Metal: steel, aluminum, copper, etc. Sheet: 6mm ‘or less Cold working: cutting / punching / cutting / folding Uses of sheet metal Manufacturing cabinets, car shells, support parts, and general metal appearance parts are all used for sheet metal materials. Commonly used materials for sheet metal  Cold rolled sheet Specification range: thickness 0.25 ~ 3.0mm, materials above 3.0mm must be customized. 1220mm and 1250 mm specifications, the length can be cut to any size as required. Generally it is [...]