Deburring solutions for stainless steel stampings

In the field of stainless steel stamping, everyone knows that no matter how advanced the stamping facility is, burrs will be produced along with the product. These burrs greatly affect the viewing and practicality of the product, so Tenral tells you how to eliminate these burrs.

  1. Basic series: The burr can be removed by common processes such as cutting, grinding, file, scraper, etc. It is only suitable for stainless steel stamping parts that do not require high precision.
  2. Common Series: Grinding and Wheel Polishing
  3. Precision Series: Electrochemical Machining and Rolling Machining
  4. Super Precision Series: Magnetic Grinding and Ultrasonic Grinding

Tenral Metal Products LTD provides high-quality and most cost-effective deburring solutions for stainless steel stampings according to customer requirements and product application characteristics. We have rolling machines, ultrasonic vibration machines, polishing machines, etc., to meet the different metal surface requirements of customers.

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