Four common stamping processes for stamping parts

Metal stamping parts are a processing method with higher production efficiency, less material loss and lower processing cost.

It is more suitable for mass production of parts, is easy to realize mechanization and automation, has high accuracy, and is also convenient for post-processing of parts.

In general metal stamping parts, in the production process, there are the following four processing processes:

  1. Punching: The stamping process (including punching, blanking, trimming, cutting, etc.) that enables the sheet to be separated.
  2. Bending: A stamping process in which the sheet is bent into a certain angle and shape along the bending line.
  3. Deep drawing: a stamping process that changes the flat sheet into various open hollow parts, or further changes the shape and size of the hollow part.
  4. Partial forming: A stamping process (including flanging, bulging, leveling, and shaping processes) that uses various local deformations of different properties to change the shape of the blank or stamped part.

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