Lighting industry

Customized Lighting Parts & Accessories

Tenral has been producing precision metal stamping parts for the lighting industry. Whether it is a retail lamp or an industrial lamp, we will definitely manufacture the lamp parts and hardware that suit you.

Our lighting parts manufacturing is mainly based on your drawings, durability, beauty, cost, etc. Every step is meticulous, committed to providing you with unparalleled metal manufacturing services.

If you need metal stamping parts in the lighting industry, we will be your best choice.

Assembly capability

Tenral not only manufactures precision metal stamping parts, but also has the ability to assemble them according to your requirements.

Drawing design

Tenral can design product drawings according to your ideas and product application environment, making your metal dreams a reality.

Quality assurance

We have always respected the quality of products to the highest point of the enterprise, which is also the lifeline of the enterprise.

Fast delivery

Tenral has always followed the spirit of the contract and completed the task according to the contract’s delivery date.

Additional fabrication services

Most products are not simply manufactured by stamping, but by a series of additional fabrications. We provide most of the metal fabrication services on the market.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Without the approval of the customer, we cannot disclose any relevant information to a third party, including but not limited to product drawings, design plans, product pictures…