List of Top 10 Precision Metal Stamping Part Manufacturers in China

List of Top 10 Precision Metal Stamping Part Manufacturers in China The devastating COVID-19 hasn’t stopped the metal stamping industry’s road to expanding its market size. According to meticulous research, the metal stamping industry is expected to reach $289.2 billion by 2023, gaining a growth rate at a CAGR of 3.9% from 2018 to 2023. Emerging economies have contributed a lot to this fast development of the global metal stamping industry. Among them, China, as the famous “world factory”, plays [...]

Deburring solutions for stainless steel stampings

In the field of stainless steel stamping, everyone knows that no matter how advanced the stamping facility is, burrs will be produced along with the product. These burrs greatly affect the viewing and practicality of the product, so Tenral tells you how to eliminate these burrs. Basic series: The burr can be removed by common processes such as cutting, grinding, file, scraper, etc. It is only suitable for stainless steel stamping parts that do not require high precision. Common Series: Grinding [...]

Leading Metal Stamping Manufacturer and Supplier in usa

  Leading Metal Stamping Manufacturers in usa Metal stamping is a manufacturing process that uses a metal stamping die or a series of metal stamping dies to form metal sheets into three-dimensional workpieces. With the development of science and technology and the progress of technology, today’s metal stamping companies gradually use automation technology to produce metal stamping parts, which has promoted the global metal market. Tenral Metal Products LTD American Axle & Manufacturing Interplex Magna Acro Metal Stamping Tempco manufacturing D&H Industries According to relevant data, the global metal [...]

4 common metal stamping process

4 common metal stamping process Depending on the shape of the part or product, metal stamping involves a variety of different processes, each different. These processes are used to achieve complex and detailed designs of parts and products in industries including aerospace, consumer products, automotive, aviation, electronics, food and beverage, and more. It is generally not possible to manufacture a part with one metal stamping method, as each process involves making a specific design. Many stamping technologies involve processes such as [...]

Processing technology of stainless steel surface

Stainless steel has excellent characteristics such as unique strength, high wear resistance, superior anti-corrosion performance and resistance to rust. Therefore, it is widely used in the industry, food machinery, electromechanical industry, household appliance industry and home decoration, finishing industry. The application and development prospects of stainless steel will become wider and wider, but the application and development of stainless steel is largely determined by the degree of development of its surface treatment technology. PVD process PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) Physical Vapor [...]

Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting The material to be cut is irradiated with a high-power density laser beam to quickly heat the material to vaporization temperature and evaporate to form a hole. As the beam moves on the material, the hole continuously forms a narrow slit to complete the cutting of the material. Principle: Laser cutting is to irradiate the workpiece with a focused high-power density laser beam to quickly melt, vaporize, ablate or reach the ignition point of the irradiated material. At the [...]

Leading metal stamping manufacturer

Leading metal stamping manufacturer Established in 2005, Tenral Metal Products company began to manufacture simple metal stamping parts. With reliable quality and professional technology, our service range has been expanding. Today, we have 3 production workshops equipped with nearly 100 types of production equipment, covering an area of more than 70,000 square feet, with nearly 100 employees, and we have an in-house tool workshop that specializes in the production of complex and precise stamping dies and welding fixtures. Bending tools, [...]