Stamping characteristics of commonly used materials stainless steel

Due to its unique characteristics, stainless steel is not only beautiful in appearance, but also has strong plasticity and high corrosion resistance, which is deeply loved by users. The yield point is high, the hardness is high, and the cold work hardening effect is significant. However, it is prone to cracking. The thermal conductivity is worse than that of ordinary carbon steel, resulting in large deformation force, large blanking force and deep drawing force. The plastic deformation force is large when it [...]

Selection of automotive stamping die materials

Due to the different functions of various parts in the mold, the requirements for the materials and the principles of selection are also different. Therefore, reasonable selection of mold materials is also an important task in die design, which has a great impact on the cost and production quality of the mold. Generally speaking, automotive stamping die materials need to meet the following conditions: For automobile stamping dies with simple shapes and small sizes, the use of commonly used carbon tool [...]

Sheet metal materials and sheet metal processing experience

Definition of sheet metal: cold working of sheet metal Metal: steel, aluminum, copper, etc. Sheet: 6mm ‘or less Cold working: cutting / punching / cutting / folding Uses of sheet metal Manufacturing cabinets, car shells, support parts, and general metal appearance parts are all used for sheet metal materials. Commonly used materials for sheet metal  Cold rolled sheet Specification range: thickness 0.25 ~ 3.0mm, materials above 3.0mm must be customized. 1220mm and 1250 mm specifications, the length can be cut to any size as required. Generally it is [...]

How was the car made?

The stamping production process is a process of stamping a steel plate into a car body, that is, a body cover and a structural part. Stamping is a traditional material forming process. With the development of the automotive industry, stamping process is widely used in manufacturing. The stamping process greatly improves the accuracy and efficiency of material molding. Take the automotive industry as an example, stamping can punch a part every 5s, and the accuracy of the parts can generally reach [...]

Four common stamping processes for stamping parts

Metal stamping parts are a processing method with higher production efficiency, less material loss and lower processing cost. It is more suitable for mass production of parts, is easy to realize mechanization and automation, has high accuracy, and is also convenient for post-processing of parts. In general metal stamping parts, in the production process, there are the following four processing processes: Punching: The stamping process (including punching, blanking, trimming, cutting, etc.) that enables the sheet to be separated. Bending: A stamping process in [...]

Mid-Autumn Festival

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