Quality Policy

We have always respected the quality of products to the highest point of the enterprise, which is also the lifeline of the enterprise.

Product quality testing is not just an individual responsibility, but the responsibility of all employees. From the procurement of raw materials to the manufacture of finished products, all our employees are responsible for them and take every product seriously. Our engineers work closely with the inspectors to establish the product quality file from the beginning to record the manufacturing process of each product. We always follow the ISO and IAFT quality requirements and control the quality of each product.

  • Raw material inspection, We insist on using internationally certified materials.
  • Mold inspection, Each set of molds has been inspected by our rich engineers and quality controllers.
  • Manufacturing inspection, During the manufacturing process, we have a professional team to conduct spot checks.
  • Inspection before packaging, The quality control team conducts a comprehensive inspection of the finished product and measures the data for each product.