Stainless Steel Stampings

Stainless Steel Stampings

With over 15 years of experience in stainless steel stamping, TenraL understands the properties of full grade stainless steel and customizes a wide range of stainless steel parts for customers in all fields.

Tenral is not only a manufacturer of precision metal stamping, but also a leading fabricator of custom sheet metal. We offer a full range of stainless steel manufacturing services to find the best manufacturing solutions for our customers.

Characteristics of stainless steel stamping parts

Stainless steel is one of the most popular steel alloys for custom stamping. It can be divided into martensitic steel, ferritic steel, austenitic steel, austenitic ferritic (duplex) stainless steel and precipitation-hardened stainless steel. Our stainless steel stamping parts are widely used in various fields to benefit from its characteristics:

  • Heat resistance: it contains a large amount of chromium and nickel stainless steel special heat stress.
  • Beautiful: simplicity and the appearance of the mirror, can be polished to improve finish or purchase a specific material.
  • Health: because of the easy to clean, loved by the pharmaceutical industry and food industry

Material grade of stainless steel stamping parts

The word “stainless steel” does not simply refer to a kind of stainless steel, but means more than one hundred kinds of industrial stainless steel, each stainless steel has been developed in its specific application field has good performance. Choosing the right grade of stainless steel is the first step in developing a product.

  • 200 Series: Manganese instead of nickel, which has poor corrosion resistance, is widely used as a cheaper alternative to the 300 Series, representing grades 201 and 202
  • 300 series: Suitable tensile properties and corrosion resistance, representing the grade is 304; Molybdenum is added to improve strength and corrosion resistance, representing a grade of 316
  • 400 series: Ferritic and martensitic stainless steel, manganese free, representative grade 409.
  • 500 series: Heat resistant chrome alloy steel.
  • 600 series: Martensitic precipitation-hardened stainless steel.

As a manufacturer and supplier of metal stamping parts to ISO9001, Tenral has been involved in customer projects from development to mass production. Reliable quality and professional team, is the best choice for customers.