Over 15 years of metal stamping experience

Metal Stamping in China

Tenral is a China-based metal stamping parts manufacturer, certified to meet ISO9001 quality standards. With press capacity ranging from 32 tons to 150 tons, as well as hydraulic presses from 80 tons to 200 tons, we provide custom commercial metal stamping solutions that include both simple and complex designs.

Our in-house tool shop manufactures the required stamping dies using advanced tool steel, which allows us to deliver high-quality products with desired tolerances. We also have other sheet metal fabrication tools such as welding jigs that are manufactured in our workshop.

Metal Stamping Materials

Metal stamping and fabrication can use many metal materials to produce precision parts. The demand for metals in each industry is unique or extensive. For example, the marine and plumbing industries require stainless steel or galvanized steel; the lighting industry requires aluminum alloys. For the different requirements of customers, we all respect their choice. No matter what kind of material, we can complete it perfectly according to your requirements.

Deep Draw Stamping

Deep drawing is a metal forming process in which a sheet metal blank is radially drawn into a forming die by the mechanical action of a punch. It is used to make formed parts with cavities, or deep shapes that are more difficult to form with other processes. Deep drawing services provide solutions for medium and high volume production runs, improving consistency and overall accuracy of part production when compared to traditional machining methods.

Progressive Die Stamping

Progressive die stamping is a manufacturing process used to create high volume, high precision components from sheet metals. The process starts with a coil of metal that is continuously fed into the machine by rotating rollers. The metal is then shaped via punching and forming operations within each station of the die, before eventually being cut off and collected.

Metal Spinning

Metal Spinning is a versatile technology for forming sheet metals into complex shapes. It starts with the blanking of plain or pre-punch sheet metals, which are then pre-formed over a rotating tool head often referred to as the mandrel. During spinning, an adjustable form tool called a tip is used to form profiles and contours in sheet metal parts that may eventually become intricate forms such as cones, hemispheres, cylinders, faces and even boxes with multiple inside recesses.

Industrial Applications

TenraL has been designing and manufacturing various complex and precise metal parts for many industries, such as automotive, lighting, plumbing and HVAC, energy, furniture, marine, appliances, electrical, agriculture, entertainment, industrial equipment . We use the industry’s top innovative equipment and knowledgeable people to serve these different segments of the market.

Quality Policy

As a leading supplier of metal stamping, we always take quality as our business policy. From the procurement of raw materials to the manufacture of finished products, all our employees are responsible for them and take every product seriously. Our engineers work closely with our inspectors to establish product quality documents from the very beginning, documenting the manufacturing process of each product. We always follow the ISO9001 quality requirements, control the quality of each product.