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Things to pay attention to during stamping parts processing

There will be various problems in the production and processing of stamping parts, which leads to multiple issues with stamping parts and affects their use. Therefore, we have compiled this guide based on years of stamping parts processing experience to let everyone know what details need attention in the production and processing of stamping parts to avoid problems. Catalogue The design of the stamping die cannot be changed at will when manufacturing the die. Precautions for punching small holes during the processing [...]

Testing method of stamping parts

After completing the stamping parts process, we do many tests to determine the quality of a product. We usually use touch inspection, oilstone polishing, flexible gauze polishing, oil coating inspection, visual inspection, and inspection tools. It is often necessary to check the quality of stamping parts when purchasing them; that’s why we have written this guide. Catalogue Touch Test Oilstone Grinding Flexible Gauze Polishing Oiling Inspection Visual Inspection Inspection Of Inspection Tools The Bottom Line Touch test Clean the surface of the outer cover with clean gauze. The inspector [...]

Things to keep in mind during stamping parts processing

There are many stamping parts in various instruments, household appliances, bicycles, office machinery, domestic utensils, and other products. Stamping parts plays a vital role in our life. The stamping parts include the automobile body, chassis, oil tank, radiator plate, boiler drum, container shell, iron core, silicon steel sheet of motor, and electric appliance. There are many things to pay attention to for the production and processing of precision stamping parts. There are different operating requirements, from producing metal stamping [...]