Sheet Metal Fabrication

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet metal fabrication is a valuable prototyping and production method for making rugged functional parts such as panels, brackets and enclosures. Unlike other manufacturing techniques, however, sheet metal fabrication actually involves many different processes, all of which manipulate the sheet metal in different ways. These different processes may include cutting sheet metal, forming, or joining different pieces of metal together.

Tenral has all types of production equipment to provide customers with comprehensive and customized sheet metal processing services. Whether it is simple stamping parts or complex assembly products, Tenral will be your best metal stamping manufacturer and supplier.

Metal stamping and sheet metal manufacturing enable the production of precision parts using a variety of metal materials. Each industry has a unique or broad demand for metals. For example, the shipbuilding and plumbing industries require stainless steel or galvanized steel; Aluminum alloys are needed for the lighting industry. No matter what kind of material, we can according to your requirements of perfect completion.


Metal Laser Cutting Service

Tenral provides quality laser cutting services with CO2 and CNC laser cutting machines. Currently, we are planning to purchase tube laser cutting machines to meet customers’ sheet metal fabrication needs.

Metal Welding Service

Tenral has a professional welding shop that offers both conventional and robotic welding, welding materials including aluminium, stainless steel, cold rolled steel. We have years of experience in welding and can guide you in choosing the method that best suits your project based on budget, time constraints, intended use and accuracy required.

Sheet Metal Bending

Tenral has CNC bending machines, including tube bending machines and plate bending machines. We are familiar with the properties of various materials, be it steel or aluminium, that can be bent to the shape and radius you want. 



As a leading supplier of metal stamping, we always take quality as our business policy. From the procurement of raw materials to the manufacture of finished products, all our employees are responsible for them and take every product seriously. Our engineers work closely with our inspectors to establish product quality documents from the very beginning, documenting the manufacturing process of each product. We always follow the ISO9001 quality requirements, control the quality of each product.