Stamping characteristics of commonly used materials stainless steel

Due to its unique characteristics, stainless steel is not only beautiful in appearance, but also has strong plasticity and high corrosion resistance, which is deeply loved by users.

  1. The yield point is high, the hardness is high, and the cold work hardening effect is significant. However, it is prone to cracking.
  2. The thermal conductivity is worse than that of ordinary carbon steel, resulting in large deformation force, large blanking force and deep drawing force.
  3. The plastic deformation force is large when it is stretched, and it is easy to wrinkle and break when the material is too thin.
  4. The phenomenon of sticking mold and shape strain is easy to occur when stretching.
  5. Because of its high hardness and high corrosivity, it is often used as some structural parts, exterior parts and outdoor parts.

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